Chiswick Bridge

Chiswick Bridge

BAM Nuttall, Feb-15 to Mar-15

Client: Transport For London (TFL)

Main Contractor: BAM Nuttall

Start Date: February 2015

Completion Date: March 2015

Division: Surfacing

O’Rourke Contracting PLC were awarded the contract for the surfacing works in the first major operation on Chiswick Bridge since it was opened. A key aspect of this project was the need to keep disruption to surrounding areas to a minimum, this meant that we had to work around the traffic and keep the bridge open during peak hours. This was achieved by working in collaboration with BAM Nuttall to ensure that lane closures did not occur during peak times and to keep weekend closures to a minimum.

Scope of Works

  • Planning off existing surface course from carriageway
  • Relay surface course to carriageway
  • Testing of material
  • Road Markings


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