Case Studies

Discover the range and scale of O’Rourke’s expertise in civil engineering and road surfacing. These case studies demonstrate the breadth and depth of our experience, but represent a fraction of our portfolio. If you would like more information about a particular project or sector, please contact us.

Tower Bridge Carriageway and Footway re-surfacing

BAM Nuttall - Tower Bridge 03/10/2016 - 15/12/2016

Scope of the Contract

The principle purpose of the contract is to renew the existing carriageway and footway surfaces, to the North and South approaches and the shore spans. Milling of existing surface and binder course, 160mm depth and relay with 125mm of AC14 EME2 Binder course and 35mm of 10 SMA Cl 942 surface courses.

The footpaths and paved areas surrounding the pier had full replacement of Mastic Waterproofing and surface course.

The overall value of the works was circa £500,000 against an NEC3 contract.

Successes and Added Value

The project was set to a tight timescale, requiring a proportion of the works to be completed at night for the carriageway. O’Rourke’s operatives exceeded the client’s expectations, completing the works ahead of schedule. Working with the client we provided added value to our proposal with a flexible programme of works and cost effective material options and construction techniques. All of our vehicles conform to the low emission zone requirements, which was necessary for the project.

Ensuring Quality Workmanship and Compliance with the Specification

We are proud of our quality of work and attention to detail on all of our projects, regular site inspections and quality checks were carried out to ensure the quality of workmanship was of an excellent standard throughout the project. Our strict auditing system means that all materials and operational performance are monitored to track that the project specification is adhered to for every element of the works.

Chiswick bridge refurbishment

Bridging the gap between past and present

O’Rourke Contracting have been successful in delivering works in a new London residential development. The project, undertaken by Purelake Homes in Plumstead, Greenwich showcases the skill, expertise and consistency of O’Rourke Contracting.

The Section 278 works, as written in the Highways act of 1980, were comprised of the excavation and installation of a new highway surface water drainage connection as well as the excavation of the existing kerbs and footways and the provision of new kerbing, footway paving, vehicular crossovers and bollards.

Following initial investigation works, close liaison with the London Borough of Greenwich along with the necessary licence applications, works began on site in September 2014.

The site team, led by project managers Steve Lawson and Paul Cheeseman, delivered the project to an excellent standard, both on time and within budget. The works ran to a five-week schedule and are worth in the region of seventy thousand pounds.

The success of the project has led to the client appointing O’Rourke’s surfacing division to undertake further construction of tarmac roads and parking areas within the site. O’Rourke are also in negotiations with Purelake Homes and Greenwich Borough Council over the planing and resurfacing of the carriageway outside of the new development.

The project is representative of the consistent quality of O’Rourkes work as well as their ability to perform several different aspects of a single project.

"Our clients include some of the biggest names in the construction world. We're proud that we regularly surpass their expectations."

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